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Time to wake up

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Take the role of Eddie, wake up and take a look around.

This is our first game, please comment!
UPDATE: Thanks for all comments and high ratings!

Put your cursor at the top of the window and your inventory will show.
You dont have to click to find the lamp/blinds.

If you get stuck at the puzzle take a look at this picture:

If you get stuck, we have a walkthrough here:

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Nice. Decent graphics, interesting story (even if a little predictable in places). Definitely would like to see more. :-)

Callius responds:

Thanks, we will keep it in mind! :D

/Marcus "Callius" Drake


I'm frensh, and I looooooove this game !!! Very Very good work !!

Callius responds:

Thank you!

/Marcus "Callius" Drake

Great Game

Really enjoyed it, even though I havn't managed to get 3 diffrent endings (just 2.) Beautifully drawn, good story, not too scary.

No problems putting the light gun/ projector together except for power source. Kept looking for sockets, cables etc.. Only when I couldn't pick up the device, I thought that the fuse might fit. (My understanding of Physics is bad... Is a fuse a power source?)

Anyway - looking forward to playing more of your games!

Callius responds:

Thank you for your response!

Nope, a fuse isn't really a power source. Sorry about that.
We did think that in the "alternative" world it would work tho.

Currently some of us are working on a new project, I hope you will play and enjoy that one as well :)

Absolutely Amazing!

I think I can say this; the art is gorgeous, the storyline is interesting, it had a good challenge in it, and I liked the bits of humor that you stuck in here. For example, when you click on the Eiffel Tower and Eddie says "Those Germans, sure know how to have a good time." I couldn't help but laugh. I also liked the bird in the best ending; the little hat he had on was a nice touch ;D Great work!

Callius responds:

Thank you!
We are very happy that you enjoyed it! :D


Great little game!

I've played quite a number of great games from NG but I really liked this enough just to register to comment on it. Great job guys, its short and sweet and the concept of the opening/closing of doors really impressed me.

Couple of things bugged me though.
1. It's just me, but the music in the first part just irritated me especially when I'm taking my time to explore around. But then again it's just my personal preference.

2.As mentioned in the other review, please let us click through the texts. I played the game 4 times just to see the 3rd ending (made a mistake in the 3rd time) so it's extremely tiring to wait for the text to finish, especially at the device assembly part when I was lost the first time I clicked on the note again and had to wait till the text is done.

Besides those I can't think of anything bad with the game for myself. Loved the joke at the end of the endless corridor and the option to eat bad raw fish from the garbage pile lol

Great job again guys!

Callius responds:

Thanks for your feedback!
In our next game we will include a mute button and the possibility to click away text :)

Thanks a lot and we are happy you liked it!