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One Too Many

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A Shooter with a twist, Test not your accuracy, but instead your drink knowledge by shooting various bottles, then compete with your score on the 'Alco leaderboard'.

Update: Thanks for the responses guys, Th game was a trial to see if there's interest in the concept, I will be releasing an longer and more challenging version 2 soon addressing the suggested improvements.

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A bottle shooter with a twist! :D Both addicting and educational - for those of us not all too familiar with these types of brands. Bit thin cross where you're aiming, but apart from that it plays smoothly! Graphics simple but authentic. Good fun.


Nice game

I like this game, it even has a nice scoreboard thats always a plus, The first thing i noticed with this one was that the music didnt have much depth to it and with the loop you had it on it was kinda repetitive maybe too repetitive, and could have used more variaty and depth within it, so workon the music maybe even add a variaty ofmusic options, Visual graphics cameout well so youdid well there and all the detail showed up even betterso props to you on some awsome graphics and visual detail, So with all that said this game was decent could be better with some music hanges but honestly thats all i found on it, anyways great game it was pleasent and fun.

First of all for some improvments i would suggest working on the "MUSIC" add some variaty to the loop or make it longer, or even as suggested make a few differant loops of music in there, that was the only real issue that needs some looking into

You know...

Getting a low score on this game is actually a good thing. It means you are not a hopeless drunk who lets alcohol run their life.

Good game, but I agree with the others. It's too easy to win and get a perfect score. Even if you don't know your alcohol, you can still win in time on your first try. You should remove the words on the labels so only people who really know their alcohol can win. As well as randomize things and include different drinks in the mix as well.

Fun little mini game.

Great Idea but randomizing the bottles would be better.

Great game, only a few bad things.

Decent game, but it's got some negative points. To start with, there is no higher score than 100 possible. Tons of people on the highscore list have the same score, which creates no challenge/competition/fun between the players. I think if you based it on time, and not on accuracy, it would have been more fun because there would not be a maximum score that way.

What i've noticed is that there is one default order. In my opinion, it would be better and more challenging if the order was random everytime, this really tests the skill of the player better.

And then the music. It's a loop of 3 seconds with only a bass in it. You could make the game nicer if you added better music! Also, some bottles are hard to read. It took me a while to figure out which bottle i had to shoot.

However, i think you did a great job on the rest of the game, the rest was wesome! Great graphics, and you also worked very detailed! Think of every bottle having a different animation when it is shot, and also not having one default shot sound. Great job! You're talented and i'm sure you could make many awesome things in the future. Keep it up!