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Vertical minigolf. Put the ball in the basket.
To shot press and hold, then release with selected speed.

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Pretty fun. I agree that some of the holes are pared to low. my score was 109,500 :D

It just needs more of a facelift

The challenge is enough for me, it's just that the entire game needs a bit more graphical quality to it, and a better soundtrack than that repeating loop.

Also, is there any way to increase the speed of the shot so you don't have to wait for it to stop rolling? Like a game speed option just to pick up the pace between levels? The restart option has also been mentioned, which I also suggest.

This is a good framework for a game, but not enough to be stand alone yet.


With a little more art polish this could be an amazing game. Addictive concept, keep it up dude.

Not bad

Not good, either. Here's what's wrong:

1) No restart level button.

2) WAY too much friction on the ball. It's entirely unrealistic for the ball to stop rolling that quickly.

3) There's NO WAY hole 12 should be a par 3. 4 I could buy. Not 3.

4) Similarly, hole 15 should be a par 6. Not 4. I actually believe it to be impossible to finish that hole in 4, due to the little nub on the right side of the basket, and until I see video proof to the contrary I'm holding to that.

going in the right direction

its a nice game, just kinda too easy, needs harder levels, maybe a handfull of interactive object, like spring platforms to accelerate the ball, cushions to absorb kinetic energy... different balls (regular pumped air sport ball, solid metal, rubber...

also a [restart level] button would be great!
( its a little frunstrating when you want to retry a level cause u screwed up, you need to restart the whole game and get there, or finish the level with a lot os shot and press Retry to try to make it if less shots )

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2.42 / 5.00

May 3, 2010
3:39 PM EDT
Sports - Other