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Aidan's Wonder mini demo

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This is the gameplay demo of Aidan's Wonder!

UPDATE Jan 04, 2011:
Work and other obligations have pushed back the release of Aidan's Wonder; it's been tough getting in time on it, but I'm going to push to get it finished as early as possible in 2011. I've added a couple new screenshots on aidanswonder.com.

Aidan's Wonder is a game that will put you in the role of a young child's imaginary friend. Together, you can go out in exploration of his backyard and the wild beyond in search of treasures, friendships and adventure.

This demo features only one room, Aidan's bedroom. He's been tasked by his mom with cleaning up his toys before he can go out. Of course, it isn't THAT easy..

Similar to a point-and-click game, but more than that - control Aidan with the WASD keys to navigate the landscape, and use the mouse as his imaginary friend to interact with both Aidan and the environment. Simply clicking objects doesn't always work; if you want to open a window, grab hold and slide it open. If you want to open a door, grab the handle and pull it open.. and so on.

Visit www.aidanswonder.com for updates as they come. Full game will be released sometime 2010.

And hey -
Email any comments / suggestions to aidanswonder@gmail.com if you could, I'm hoping to incorporate as much feedback and ideas into the final game as possible! Thanks-

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Solid concept Im So So So sad to hear of the misfortune leading to this game never being finished

R.I.P. Chance Banning

i wish banning was alive, its so sad this game will never be finished. rest in peace banning

This was actually a really decent concept for a game. I remember seeing skullkid on the front page when he died and I was wondering why. I remembered today out of the blue while scrolling through the game portal about this guy and I wanted to check out his profile for his stuff other than skull kid...

It's always really fucking depressing to see the unfinished projects of a person who passed away. R.I.P. Chance Banning, this would have been a cool game if you would have fleshed it out in the end. Hope wherever Chance is it's better than the world now in 2020 with the corona virus and stuff. Nice game :(

Hold up.This is the guy that made skull kid and all those gore games? Man what inspired him to make such a bigchange?