Monster Frenzy Beta

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Author Comments

Preloader in next version (filesize went from 200k to 2m lol) also Stat upgrades in next version, for now you get an attackbonus and hp bonus on level up, and potions are randomly added to your arsenal upon killing an enemy. Enjoy the preview of my hopefully awesome upcomming game! :)
Please let me know what you think of it so far!

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This is a Beta, only submit finished games. With better graphics, more weapons, and more content this game would improve.

You know what.

For what I say (A Beta) This is a really good purpose for an RPG game. Hey Kmibu, I'm a proggrammer like you, do not stop this project, keep on going its going to turn out great. Once you get sound and everything going, it will be great. I know you can do it because as I played I thought through all the script as I played through parts of the game: And it is well designed. Great programming, MAKE MORE, The final result is going to be sweet. :0

KMibu responds:

Thank you for your kind criticism.. most people are rating harsh because they think i left out all the features without knowing... this is an early early beta, just wanted some feedback.. all the features its missing will be without fail in it shortly without a doubt ... again thanks

Needs more work

I would have to agree with Co1dWar. Also just needs more work, have a friend test it out and get some ideas that they may have to add to the game if your having troubles. Also the attack doesn't work, I used every button/key/ whatever that was available on my keyboard/mouse. It may be a glitch that only happens to me or something, but a game were you just walk around and cant do anything isn't very fun.

KMibu responds:

click to target... once an enemy is targeted... hit space to autoattack

Gotta say it.

Honestly? This is not that good at all. The graphics are poor. I understand that graphics don't have to be awesome but a little effort could be put forth.

My main issue with this is that it is a BETA. I'm not sure I can count this as a game. You're just killing things. Your stick figures legs don't move at all either. The panel on top of the screen and the damage numbers that appear make me think that you used an generic RPG creator of some sort.

I can't rate your up coming game, I can only rate this beta. Which is hopefully very very rough. No type of storyline at all, boring enemies, no equipment, no level up stats. Lacking in everything that makes a good RPG.

KMibu responds:

Didn't use any kind of creator, 100% from scratch :) don't worry, all the things you mentioned will be in the later releases :)


good jumping point for the beginnings of a good game. the diablo-esque style is something i haven't seen on a flash game before, so that's something. also i liked the weapon styles. just maybe add some more detail to the stats of the weapons or something. and the graphics need work. not bad though

KMibu responds:

thanks.. i was going for the diablo style mixed with rpg/ mmorpg styles, my favorites all in one :)

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1.88 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2010
5:17 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG