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Omega Crisis

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The human civilization is under a threat of attack from alien beings. Enter the crisis of Omega Sector. Armed with the Experimental Omega Cannon and the most advanced galactic defense technology and resources, your duty as Commander is to protect the starbase in the farthest frontier of galaxy!

- General -
WASD/Arrow to navigate/scroll the screen
Space to change mode (attack/manage)
P to pause
0 to mute
- Attack Mode -
Mouse to navigate and shoot main cannon
1-4 to select/focus your warship
Esc return focus to main cannon
- Manage Mode -
Mouse click, to build/upgrade tower
Esc to close build/upgrade menu

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I like the game its well made but i wish the end was more then just a "you won". Maybe make it so we can see the aliens and have it to where the communication between you and the lieutenant is more stressed depending on the situation. Also the ships need to fire at you from a greater distance, this ridiculous short range weapon that you gave them seems ineffectual. Maybe make a hard mode so that those who aren't new to these kind of games can have a much more satisfying challenge. And add a shield to help with the laser increase that way you can have a better reason as to why the lasers they shoot are so weak.

Another thing, can you please work on the grammar. I know your from Asia and communication there is different, but you have done surprisingly well (better then most Americans). Still, you need some one to help you with sentence structure, I'm sure you can have someone help you with this.

I also agree with s4nji, add new grounds medals.

Good Game/ Omega Crisis comes Pushing the aliens

Good Game with futuristic history . Nice upgrades and Graphics . The only reason I give a 9 is cause the Alien Mothership is too hard to wipe down. Push the aliens and be wiped or be victorius? Human race survives!.

Good game, but bad ending.

This game played well, seemed fairly well balanced, and had no major glitches or bugs. However, then ending was terrible. I expected something cool, but all I got was just a message saying good job you won.


I loved this game....played it to the end and loved the sense of power it gave me ^^... however, i do have one issue. The game was relatively balanced difficulty wise rght the way through the game, but the very last mission was completely imbalanced... It was so much more dfficult compared to the rest of the game which made it too demanding after a quite relaxed game... But that's it' only fault i think. Good job


Nice game, I like it very much :P
Graphic is awesome :P And all of the others are very good :P
Add some NG Medals :P