Pico Reborn

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So i didn't really have much time to do this, so i didn't make everything i wanted, and gameplay is not do good. I started the work hoping that i will get the details done later, but i didn't, so the work at the beggining and intro might suck.

I am aware of lack of sounds too. Just couldn't find what i needed.

Well... now important thngs not mentioned in the game:

1.Game is supposed to take you about 20 minutes to pass, beacue i understand that there are more important things to do than playing my crap.

2.I had about month to finish the game, and it's my first work in flash i put so much effort in, but i don't expect you to care about that.

3.when you complete tasks, click on P-bot icon on the main page. The ending will show up.

4.Basicly it's collection of poorly made mini games, but i hope you will like it.

5. And yeah, i'm not good at dialogues, sorry.

6. Almost forgot: To talk to the Major, you need at least 2000 Popularity points.

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Not bad game. In fact, I like it.

pico reborn 2

will you make a second pico reborn send me a message

this is cool yet boring...

id give you...


the password is really "password"?? or isn't it?

Makakaov responds:

It is. I know, it's stupid.


What's the password?

Makakaov responds: