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Color Defense

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Author Comments

Defense(shooter) game with 4 colors. 15 levels, 15 weapons and upgrades, 3 bosses and endless mode.

LMB to fire.
Key 1-4(in next update of the game) or Space to change your color.

Try to hit the high score!

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Addicting and fun! Best game I've ever played on newgrounds actually (aside from the caption problem that you get flooded about).

Good game, nice concept

But like everyone else is saying, captions about the weapons upgrades would be helpful.

nice game

pretty good defense game... here are a few suggestions

as someone said below me, add captions for the upgrades so we don't have to guess and test.

preview of stats for weapon upgrades (+2 power -2 rate, etc)

upgrade buttons are different then weapon selection buttons (ie, if i choose weapon A and upgrade weapon B it wont switch to weapon B)

also i would recommend a hot key system for color switching.

some of the weapons seemed to counter the basic principles of the game. for instance the multi-line spread shots were great if i was only dealing with one color, but when enemy colors were mixed, changing colors was pretty pointless. i often ended up just blasting everything with random colors. the only time it really seemed to matter (besides for scoring) was in boss fights, since they wont die from wrong color shots.

one thing i think it needs is

like captions saying what the upgrades do cause i still don't know what some of them do


This is a great concept, idea, and one of the easiest of types of genres for anyone to pick up and play.

The shooting element is accompanied by the ability to upgrade weapons and defense. Credits can be earned and cashed in for upgrades and purchases towards new weapons. With multiple levels and three options of difficulty, this game is pretty good.

Considering the game is defense, players have to develop a strategy all their own.

With defense being the structure of the game; however, the weapons and defensive upgrades could be balanced a little better to suit this style of game. There is a steep difficulty curve shortly after the first boss.

The subtle details--the grid patterns rippling in the background as the cursor is dragged over it--are a nice touch. The graphics are simple and get the job done. Each weapon has its own graphics; no two weapons look too much alike.

There are some bouts of lag, but its nothing too serious.

The game is a simple and fun. It is a quick and challenging pick up and play title. Action and classic shooter fans alike will like it.