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Work your way through 35 challenging rebus puzzles, can you rank in the top scores for time, tries, and levels completed. Show your smarts in this challenging puzzle game!

Cheat Sheet <3:

1. keep in touch
2. fat chance
3. side show
4. to be or not to be
5. forgotten heros
6. balanced diet
7. tuna salad
8. count on us
9. up for grabs
10. polka dot underwear
11. driving around in circles
12. day in and day out
13. howdy partner
14. long time no see
15. little big horn
16. tennis shoes
17. excellency
18. thanks a lot
19. neon lights
20. unfinished business
21. i before e except after c
22. good intentions
23. vitamin a deficiency
24. outnumbered 3 to 1
25. out of order

Now I left you guys with 10 levels come on!

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can u do the words
for me
big bird

? That


challenging ;

I love the game idea, original to me, hard but not boring and i wish there was a pass button or more hints ,p stuck on 28 atm and i can honestly say that i cheated a bit on your "Cheat Sheet" because i had an idea what you were after but not how you wanted it spelled ^^ but great game tho... keep up the good work

btw, planing on a second version? ^^

Love it.

I love these types of puzzles. It's a breath of fresh air from all the dress up games you see on this site. I got pretty frustrated with #11 however, totally thought it was "four wheel drive" :/


This is basically a modern version of dingbats, but I loved that game, so I love this! More please, lots more! :)