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James Replay EGP edition

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Z to jump
X to freeze player
R to clear and restart level

use freezed player as obstacles and platform and find your way through levels

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I'm very satisfied. The character is a bit slow though. Cool Concept too! This game has great potential.

Fun idea here

Now this was pretty neat especially when youcan frees the character, very nice indeed on that aspect of things, creating the levels are kind of neat aswell so props to you again on those areas and some very nice ideas here, The controlls were abit off, This game was fun and has some good entertaining value aswell as some replay value so that was another plus, The game does need more like some sort of enemy and even some items that could really give the game some depth and even more replay-value, And with the "MUSIC" that was pretty good but you should give more choices not just the one, but all in all i found this game to be fun entertaining, hard on the controls but still fun, keep making these entertaining games, and hope to see more.

The controls could use some more figuration more mainstream of what other games use would be better, Some new stuff added like enemies and items, aswell as some more music choices, and abit more detail on the visuals and graphics aswell, So hope these small yet effective ideas help, im pretty sure with more effort they will.


This game is super fun to play. The graphics are simple and smooth and the gameplay is very unique. It would be better if there were more complex obstacles to overcome.



very addicting and the sound effects really resonate.

A nice effort.

The fact that you can freeze your character to a platform is a very decent idea, and i've never seen anything like that in a platform game before. It's fun to create your 'own' platforms to finish the level, so well done on that!

On to the rest of the game, the controls are just a tiny bit unlogic for me. I think not many people are used to use Z to jump for example, so for example the space bar would have been better. It doesn't really matter as it's easy enough though. But still, very simple controls and lots of fun!

I really like the style you're going for, considering this looks like an old game with 8-bit music. Who says that can't be fun? It's simple, but cool.

I think you could have added some additional stuff. As i played it, it's only grabbing a key and going to a chest. Fun enough, but if you invented stuff like items or enemies, which i didn't see in this game, it would have been even more challenging! Also, the levels get more difficult quite fast. It would have been nice if you added more backgrounds / level styles, just makes the game more interesting in my opinion. Maybe you should have added one or two more music tracks, as there's only one in this game.

Over all this a very nice game which works even a bit addicting. A really nice effort. But you can make it more fun / challening. I'd like to see more of your work. Keep it up!

rujo responds:

i agree with you.. i also think the game has a lot of potential and i should expand it more and more..
this particular edition (EGP edition) is for the experimental gameplay competition, normally you have a different theme each month and this time the theme was "repeat".
due to the limited time this is the best i could do.. but i'll surely work again on this in the future to release a complete version with more levels, graphics and everything else.. :)