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In "Giant Robot Ninja (from Outer Space) VS. Zombie Pirates" you play a Giant Robot Ninja from outer space in a battle against the evil hordes of Zombie Pirates who are trying to corrupt the entire universe!!!!

Based on a true story.


Arrow Keys to move

Robot ninja will dispatch throwing stars in quick succession automatically due to his MAD NINJA SKILLZZZZ

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I like the idea...

But I feel like the execution was a bit off. I read from an earlier comment of yours, jscdragon, that you whipped it up just for fun, and with that in mind is what I scored. Seems like this could be polished into a very fun game. However, the auto-fire of the ninja stars slowed it down, and there's the aforementioned clipping issue.
Overall, it's got it's kinks, but is still fun.

Hitests Are Off

This looks like you downloaded the source from another flash game and then put you own characters into it. Like if you run into completely nothing (Around a zombie) you die. Something tells me that had a bigger mass before you changed it into a zombie. But hey I may be wrong.

Nice concept but the hitests will kill you game if they're wrong.

jscdragon responds:

yeah, i need to fix that...
ITS MY CODE! (haha seriously it's not that advanced... but I kno what u mean about noobs modding source code) but basically it's becos the arms are outstretched it's hitting the zombies movie clip (like an empty corner for example) but not the actual zombie.
But yeah this game is actually a joke that I knocked up in a few hours last night to see how many hits a game with that title would get.


At least the music is OK.

Very good

Just when you die i cant even read what it says. The color for that should be red or something like that

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4.48 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2010
2:09 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight