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Drive 2

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Use the left and right arrow keys to steer, up arrow to accelerate and space to brake.

This was a large amount of work, and although I don't think it came out as fun as it could've, I'm still happy with it. I would've like to have enabled the car to skid and drift around corners but unfortunately the maths involved were too complex for me to work out. Hope you like it anyway for what it is.

I kept a development blog while I made this game, with all my ideas and screenshots, read it here (it's pretty long) - http://www.terrypaton.com /game-development-diary-d rive-2-part-1/

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It drove like a boat (caddy).

Drive 1?

You have submitted so many games that I doubt I could ever remember the original "Drive" game you put up here. I was never that big a fan of driving games on Newgrounds, but I thought this did a pretty good job of being easy to control. The graphics are really good, especially with how CGI the car looks. It is annoying and also kind of funny when you hit a tree. You get so many repetitive screeching noises, it's, well, interesting. I was kind of annoyed with how you had to get every checkpoint or you would not finish the level, but then again, you were nice enough to not give us any driving opponents.

Not Bad!

It's very fun at first but when you play it for a while it gets boring. The creator can do better than this but for the most part its goog. I rated 7 out of 10!


not bad ... keep working, you can do better than this


I guess. I wanted to say this is crap, but since I can't make such types of games like this (I don't even know how to programme), I'm giving you full scores