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chang's-Escape from hell

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Author Comments

This is a small arcade game in which u need to escape from the hell using your fast fingers and thinking.

Cursor keys - Move player
space - jump / fly jetpack
shift (in flight)- open balloons

Hope u like it !!
njoy :)

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I like the part where you hang on to the ceiling for dear life for about an hour!


I don't get it, theres no real directions and I don't understand how you can stay alive when you can't jump from one platform to the next!


too easy repetitive and gliched out try again


look I came till 4875... I became boring at 500...
Nice game but realy hard to learn the gameplay..After you learn it it becames so easy that I was asking myself if Im alive? (ok totaly random huh? :D )
THE MUSIC IS ANOING, there are milions of Terabytes of great music and you use this crap?

not very good

the music was very...anoying many of the platforms where so spaced out you couldnt reach them without looseing a life and some detail to the game art and not just the title screen would make it a lot better that it currently is i think the idea has potential but not enoughpotential to support how the game is currently i think you shold put a little more time and efort into it and then it would be better.