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Click on the screen once to initiate a plasma spark. Electrons that hit the plasma make dark matter atoms. Electrons touching atoms earn more points, so longer chains of atoms boost your score quicker. Choose your click spot carefully so that all electrons turn into atoms!


right when i lost, i never wanted to see this game again. I've seen many games of that gameplay and it's not new

I'm really not into this

having to watch an advertisement every-time I goof up or the action script crashes really bothers me. like it will glitch and I have to wait another 10 second, and it glitches again. annoying. The game is almost fun, I just can't get into it.


This game is just like the "infection" games like "Zombie Infection" I like these types of games, but needs to be more puzzle to it.

Not very interesting

Restarting makes us start from the beggining?!

Restarting makes an AD appear?! And Mochiads are invasive, cant skip'em unless they let you.

WHat the hell man?

Game is bland, simplistic and not very interesting. Only a single action, then watch and pray that you succeed.
That game is repetitive, and is a bit too much about dumb luck than skill.

The ad that interrupt gameplay (when restarting) is lame. Put one at the start if you must, but NEVER interupt or slow down the game with an ad while in it, we are here to play and (hopefully) enjoy a game, not to see an ad gets in the way of our fun.

Cant say about sounds or music, since i dont have speakers where i am right now.

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Needs more

Good concept, but it needs upgrades and/or achievements. Also, it would be better if you didn't have to restart from the first level.

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3.05 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2010
3:12 PM EDT
Action - Other