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Climb a neverending stream of boxes, and chill out!
P = Pause
M = Mute

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its addicting lol


I like the idea, but the game its pretty boring. I think that one of the things you MUST add is that the camera should move up without you, so it would make it harder and more entretaining. Also, there is a bug. You can jump in the air and keep "flying".
Why blocks? try different shapes. And please, change the font you are using because its really hard to read. I skiped the instructions so i didnt know what i had to do in the game. Finally, the graphics are really bad.

There is a lot of work to do here! Do it and it will be a grat game! :D

Good Idea, but there are bad points

I think the idea is pretty good. And the multi-difficulties is quite good, too. But there are bad points for this :
1. Graphics are bad. You can make it more shiny, more colorful and more detail than this. It'll be better.
2. The music is boring. It's just a short loop and it won't make any attention because it's VERY short and VERY small in volume.
3. There's a serious glitch : you can "Air jump" by holdig Up, and then you'll fall quickly afterward, and you'll die, even when there are no blocks above you.
4. The head's jump power is too weak, it can't move if 1 big block is above it. Make it stronger.

Anyway, it still have a great idea. 5/10 for you


this IS technicly a game though is it entotainment? i'd say play for 30 sec. and it's no fun. though danishx83 is right great physics in that eliment you pass with flying colors.
physics awesome
semi-uniqe (though there are a lot of games like this that are way better)
a leaderboard (but no one submitted a fbook win (cause you cant win)
music awesome (great choice what song is it?)[this is one place where you win]

grafics SUCK!!!!! (seriously wat where you thinking i mean i couldnt even read the instructions with the quality on high)!!
what gggp said (i mean the blocks keep fallin' even after you reach bottom)
the blocks (the blocks fall on top of you no matter where you are)
makes you loose intrest fast
in general sucks.

if you want to succeed w/ this type of game:
go back and redo redo redo REDO
and start over!

i would give you a 0/10 0/5 but it IS a game though not entertaining. so 1/5 1/10

Great concept!

This is a great concept,
few additions that would make this 1337
- new smily, what about the awesome smile!
- less repetetive and more choices of music
- a barrier that stops you from leaving the block behind altogether, (i went to high and lost as soon as i came down)
- a button that lets you restart or end, so that if you do get trapped you can end it faster instead of having to wait to go off screen

Otherwise EPIC game, do that and you will have an awesome game on your hands :)

Credits & Info

3.08 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2010
7:24 AM EDT