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Experiment 936

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I've now added in the secret ending, so check that out once you've found it!

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This is it, the first flash game I've ever made! It's point and click, and revolves around a person who awakes to find themselves with no free will.

There are three rooms to complete, an "Escape" room, a Shooting room, and a "Mouse-Maze" room.

There is no sound, because i recorded all the sound effects at the end and it kept on glitching and playing sounds at the wrong time and things, so i'm not entirely sure what went wrong there...

Remember that this is only my first game, and only my third flash. Enjoy it!

I decided to make my first flash game a little different to everyone else's first games, which all seem to be those mouse-avoider-type-maze games.

Also, i am aware of the ability to cheat on the welding section, so if anyone knows how to fix that (In AS3) then i'd be grateful if you could PM me the solution.

I did everything myself, including the (Admittedly basic) programming.

*Make sure you have FlashPlayer10 installed, otherwise you may encounter glitches such as the menu screen freezing up.

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easy, simple but fun

Wow, this is really really interesting!

nice game although i did'nt really get the ending...

it needs sound

no sound makes me bord but good game thow

JugglingT responds:

I know, the sound went all glitchy so i took it out.
Thanks though!

Ooooo. A cliffhanger.

For a first flash this is pretty good. Plus you have a good story going for the next game.

JugglingT responds:

I have a story planned out, so it's just whether i can make myself stick to one project for long enough again!