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Do you know where you're heading? You may be very determined, but have you ever thought about another way?

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I gave it a five only because it felt like half a game. It felt like half a flash. I was going all kinds of ways thinking maybe I could go up or down or diagonals, but to no avail. And it wasn't very much fun. It was just sitting there watching this thing go back and forth, but the cool thing I liked about it was the fact that it was responding to what I did, it seemed that if I stopped the text would say something to that point of me stopping. I liked that, it was kinda creepy and I wanted more of it. Then I got numbers. Relentless numbers, well not relentless but was kinda cool.

Add more, there should be more to it, Even if it were a box or something moving around a room and if you go to this corner this happens but then again does it? type deal I dunno. Just seemed very 2 dimensional, we are third dimensional beings, give us something to that extent. Then again if you gave us something from the fourth dimension that would be pretty awesome. But I am not going to hold my breath, 4D boxing was not a fourth dimensional game.

Regardless it was pretty cool, I gave it a 4/5 and a 5/10 for the reasons described above, so keep up the good work and really lay it on me with something pretty awesome when it comes to a game knowing you.



I reached the Goal ^^
nice XD
This is funny... It's also a 'test' for your persistence...
Good luck for you all

Interesting...And Fun...

I Thought that this was a fairly original idea, Ive never seen anything like it! I found it fun and enjoyable, even though at first i thought it would be boring. I just got addicted so soon and had to keep going, i finally made it to the end too! (There is an end)Which was pretty exhilarating, because i thought it was never going to end ;D All together it was a neat little game, i enjoyed it, keep up the great ideas!

5/5 10/10 :P

Extremely Innovative

Great idea. That's really why I give it such a good score, not for exactly gaming experience but more how you came up with it and executed it, the little mind games it played with you. It made me want to beat the snide little comments, which is a good thing to get people to keep playing it. But really, there was no music, no real background, little art... as a game, it was not very good. as a novelty , it was brilliant. Very clever.