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13 More Days in Hell

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This is our second shot at making a first-person 3D game, after Alien Slayer 3D.

It is also a sequel to 13 Days in Hell, but with a quite different gameplay. This time, you will have to wander around the 3D environment and complete various challenges given to you by the Guardian.

You need a relatively good computer to play this game, otherwise you might suffer some lag.

*** Camera Control ***
It might take you a few minutes to be comfortable with the camera control, but it should be easy.
Simply move your mouse to the left/right edges to rotate the camera left/right. Move your mouse in the central part of the screen to aim.

Hope you enjoy !

Controls (customizable)
WASD or Arrow Keys to move
Mouse to aim/shoot and rotate camera
SpaceBar or R to reload
P to pause game and show map
1-6 to select weapons
Q/E or mouse wheel to toggle weapons

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The game was somewhat ok. It had a good concept as well a decent atmosphere. The only thing that bothered me was the movement. Trying to turn around was so cumbersome like traversing a turret which was quite annoying when I was trying to aim at the enemies at the right time. If this wasn't the case the game would have been excellent.

That's a pretty nice game, the creator should add some medal to it tho...

I mean it's not the best, but it's ok.

Huge disappointment for me I'm afraid. It was a valiant effort, but in the end this game hasn't got enough variety to keep me interested in if for more than a few minutes at a time.

Making the series more open ended was a wise move, but it falls short of the mark due to some severe problems. In the process of making the game 3D, the graphics have suffered as a result. Textures look ugly up close, and so do the character models. Controls are fine, apart from the fiddly aiming at times. Unfortunately you'll be doing the same thing over and over again throughout the game, with very little difference each time.

Overall, it's by no means a bad game. It can be fun at times, especially when you get your hands on a new weapon. It's a shame that there wasn't enough polish though, because this game would've been much better if it had been tweaked just a little bit more.

This game takes the capabilities of Flash to the absolute limits!