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Robot in Space

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Author Comments

Drag the robot with the mouse and place it on the button whose number is the same as that of the attacking enemy spacecraft. Click the robot to fire your spacecraft. If the rockets from enemy hit your spaceship the strength gets reduced. If the strength is zero you have to update the strength and play next level. If you destroy 50 enemy spacecraft you win the game. If all the updates are finished and the strength is zero you lose the game.

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A simple little game.

I like the gameplay but I would make it more challenging. I was only 16 before I was getting bored. Maybe make multiple enemies on screen or make it so you can add numbers up to destroy ships.


not interesting, but strangly addicting... weird robot.

Nice little game.

Yet here's some most likely needed upgrades:
* difficulty levels - I felt that there were too few ships flying at me, and those who flew at me were too slow;
* better instructions with pictures - because I didn't get anything from both texts;
* improved graphics - optional, but hey, it's 2010 already, and these symbols are as detailed as in "Pico's School"!

Please understand that I don't blame the game for anything, just explaining my opinion.

4/5 8/10