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Shy Guy's Mini Adventure

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A game I have been working on for a long time since I am a flash newb (maybe 6 months).

It has graphics from all different mario games and slightly buggy mario music that you can turn off with your volume knob.

I just hope 6 months of work doesn't get blammed.

I am not very good at flash so don't judge to harshly.

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This isn't very bad, but it definetely needs a storyline. Other than that, this is nice.

Din-Jin-Jin responds:



this is good but needs improvment. But it is defiatley good for a begginer.

Needs improvement

Major sound glitch, the music playing on the title screen continues playing throughout the game, while the same music attempts to start once you start the game, having both playing at once.

The jumping has a bit of trouble. sometimes I can't jump even though I'm on the edge of a land block.

Finally, a bit of storyline would be nice.

Din-Jin-Jin responds:

Thanks for the tips :]

Really cool idea

and I loved how it gave me that nostalgic feeling thinking about Mario Party 1 and how I played it when I was little with my sister. The game itself is decent and I enjoyed it. Only thing is that it should have been a lot longer and a lot more challenging. People are right about the music bug, but honestly, who would takes stars off for that. Good job, you should just make it a lot longer and much harder.

Din-Jin-Jin responds:

Maybe I will make an extended version when I get flash fixed :]


For what its worth it was good.

The graphic were a little small and over half of the screen wasn't even used. Try making the graphics a little larger.

The "WIN!" and "LOSER!" Buttons should have "(Click Here to try again)" under them. Or you could implement a click anywhere to try again thing.

A mute feature would be great. You should have choose another theme too. Like a paper mario theme or a SMB 2 theme ... Something that goes with shyguy.

I would like to see enemies in the game. And maybe put that bush disguise to use. Like hiding in the background to let enemies pass.

Anyway, keep up the good work. I hope to see more from you in the future.