Fantasy Arena

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This is my first submission to newgrounds. It was my final project for my first programming class last quarter at college. It was made in a few weeks, so isn't exactly spectacular. However, I still feel it's a fun little distraction for at least a few minutes. You select one of three Professions and do battle in a never-ending gauntlet of increasing enemies. While the story claims that there are 100 levels, that was just a plot device since I didn't have enough time to program/animate a boss. Also I didn't expect anyone to get that far, personally. The screen gets too cluttered I admit.
There also isn't any sound, for the same reasons of a lack of a boss.

This is not in the alpha section because I do not plan to make additions to this game, as the code got a bit cluttered towards the end of development. However, I feel it would be a good idea to submit it as it is (except the addition of a plug for my website work-in-progress) to see how the general public thinks it is. I would potentially create a sequel to it in my free time / for another class if I felt it would be a good idea. I have a few other game ideas floating in my head as well :)

I apologize for the lack of a pre-loader. Never worked with it before and decided it would be better used for my next submission with Newgrounds submission fully in my mind.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my game as much as I did creating it! Thank you.

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Has potential

It's actually quite fun, but a bit broken. You can hold down that attack button to attack once per frame which is basically instakill, projectiles don't seem to deal damage from the front (may be intentional). Also, I'd recommend a better control scheme: WASD/Arrows to move, LMB to attack, Space to use secondary OR move with the mouse still and attack in 8 directions with WASD.

KennyRules responds:

Yes, the projectiles of the enemy not doing damage from the front was intentional. If I didn't do it, every projectile enemy would be extremely lethal because they track the player every frame, something I obviously need to fix. And the control scheme is definitely the biggest complaint I got, but thanks for reinforcing the need for better controls! :D

i like this type of games...

...but something you should really try to change is the controls, moving with the arrows or WASD and shoot with the left click, with that a lot of people will play this game

KennyRules responds:

Thanks for the suggestion! :D I tried that but ran into some complications. Mainly because I tried implementing it too late :P Also, from what I remember, I couldn't get WASD to work properly with flash, though I'm sure there is a workaround that I just need to look up. Definitely going to try that for the next one!


But Broken, with the archers secondary attack, you can just run around and be almost invincible, I lasted for 8 min 29 sec only because my finger got cold.

KennyRules responds:

Thank you, I do know it's a bit broken. Holding down any one's attack button is pretty cheap, especially the archer as you said.

Really addicting but simple :d

Alright here is a simple walkthrough! This game is like Pac-Man in the sense that you chase after these guys like if they were "blue" (like in pac-man).

First off! Get the Ranger he has Melee and Range which means distance and close-combat which equals win-win since you will be dealing with monsters that use far and close combat. Along with that, he can also outrun all monsters :) and he has great defence.

When you begin the game constantly! like non-stop! PRESS SPACEBAR AND CTRL over and over again. you can use these weapons at the same time :D

The ones you have to kill first are the ones who attack far away aka rangers, and mages.

They are always on the outer part of the arena so...
This is what I do; Start attacking from the outside working yourself in like a swirl. But always take out the rangers and mages.

Just remember! NEVER run into the crowd of monsters! (learn this the hard way) They do tremendous damage. It is better to just keep out running them and shooting them down or taking them down in little groups.

here is my score :b
Level: 84
Enemies Killed: 3535
Survival Time: 2019 seconds
(I ran into the crowd in round 83 :c )

KennyRules responds:

Thanks for the walk through :P You made it longer than I did, haha

isn't bad

Of course the graphics could be better, but that can be in the next installment. This is a good game for a first time. I personally would have had the attack with the mouse button and control over the main character with following the mouse.

Other than that good game. Thanks for the experience

KennyRules responds:

I did try a few control schemes, the one I went with seemed to work the best with how I set up my code and such. Though I would definitely want to change it in the next one if there is one :P Thanks!

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3.00 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2010
10:05 PM EDT
Action - Other