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Use the arrows to move and the space bar to try to catch the butterfly. Music on!

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i hate it you never catch it and i mean why not go thru a bunch of levels to get it i hope this worthless peice of donkey poo never makes it in


QueenEspada, it's not a SONG, you gloopy devochka, it's Beethoven's fourteenth sonata. You should be poveshened on your kalish iPod after a good old in-out, in-out.

Damn, this music DOES make people ultra-violent!


one word: CONCEPT

I like it!!!

I love that song, I listen to it all the time on my iPod!!! It was a great game, I'm guessing it's more emotional than physical, since you can't catch the butterfly :) The graphics were great!!


I like the idea, it is unique and touching, but I feel you could have done more without affecting the experience, only enhancing it. Like adding progression, or new environments, or an aging character. I feel like more could have been done before. But it definitely gets an interesting message across.