Rise of the Castle

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Your kingdom is under attack by marauding invaders, and a lone castle is the only thing standing in their way. Take charge of the defenses, build up your castle to ever greater heights, and save your people!

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Its a very good game and really fun and addicting because its so challenging . Also always buy the turrets whever you can 'cause they aim by themselves .

Needs Work

The idea is good but it needs a lot more work. I got to level 15 and got bored. Also the aim is just bad in general. You honestly have no idea where a shots going to go. You kinda just have to guess and keep moving around till you hit it. There's no point either. It has a lot of potential.

Fuck this game.

My favorite part was when the battering ram rolled up to my castle and started hammering away, yet I had no way of shooting directly down and killing it. Yeah. Great.


Okay, potential to be very good.

This game has potential but lacks some critical components to make it worth more than a glance.

Firstly, the aiming is sorely in need of some tuning. The shots do not go where the mouse points, making it difficult to accurately send your missiles where you wish them to go. You should have to fight your enemy, not your control scheme. Along with some needed tuning, it would be very helpful to have some manner of reticule instead of the mouse pointer in the game screen.

Second, there is little evidence that there is a victory scenario. This in itself is not the worst thing, but when your upgrades are all received with so little effort, it makes the very long, and ultimately pointless, grind at the end where the enemy seems to have more and more potential for growth while your tower is forever trapped in it's current form, pointless. Why should I play any further than the 5 minutes it takes to get all the upgrades? No victory, no more growth, just endless shooting until I ultimately fail. There is no motivation to do any more.

If you address only those two issues, you will potentially have a really fun game that people may come back to. Some ideas would be to make the upgrade cycle longer by including many more options to the list, giving the player more choice in how to custom build their tower. If you are going to insist on not having a voctory scenario, then make certain you do not simply increase the amount of points it takes to get what is already available. But an end game is preferable. If you do include an end game, be certain to include some map or count down, letting the player know that there is, in fact, an ultimate victory to be had. Maybe your game does have a victory scenario, but how would I know unless you gave me some way to judge how far along I had come. Best of luck and I look forward to more of your offerings!

I love this game! :D

Fun and amusing for a time being...not something that you could play over and over again but you could sit there for hours on end playing it the first time hah...

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3.38 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2010
7:47 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed
  • Daily 5th Place April 17, 2010