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Do you have both shooting and mind skills?

Then use all 3 materials, wood, paper and stone to solve different puzzles.

Every material uniquely interacts with other things in the game like ventilators and bridges.

Good luck and have fun!!

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Well its a puzzle game stop crying about it when your stuck. Think think at level 12 you shoot up so the robe breaks. Than you shoot the rope so it gives a swing. Its just that easy but you need to use your mind;)

It's okay. Suffers a bit in the level design.

Positive Points: Fun, New, good use of level elements (Not too many, used imaginatively).

Negative Points: Terrible music (repetitive and irritating), some poor level design.

The poor level design may need further explaining, as it is the most game-breaking and important aspect. Three main points stuck out to me:

First of all the frustrating approach of some levels. Good design leads the player down the correct road without making it obvious or mundane. A well designed 2D level will have a little experimentation required before discovering the correct answer, or a correct answer in sight but with a little experimenting required to achieve it. Level 12 sticks out here as it uses an ingenious solution but isn't too obvious. Try raising the bucket a little to draw more attention to the bottom part of the level.

Secondly the random occurrences that mean replaying. Often when I would hit a box with a ball and try to slide it into a parallel walled drop, the box would stick in the entrance at 45 degrees, meaning having to do it again. No bad on it's own but frustrating when repeated. Make entrances wider, or one side slanted to maybe solve it. Play about a bit with this one. Given the ability to restart immediately and without penalty makes this one almost null, however this became a point that needed mentioning when coupled with point three.

Thirdly, Precision required. Again number 14 stuck out to me here, the final shot of getting the paper ball over to the wooden one was irritating and frustrating and required what I thought was far too fine a level of precision, especially since it was the last shot. You needed to measure both angle and power to an almost exact degree with the penalty being definite failure for getting either property wrong in either aspect.

This last one is solved in two possible ways: 1. Make the power and/or angle of the shot more numerically available. Exact precision requires precise data about the shot. As it is the only measure we have is an arrow that grows in size and points, difficult to make precise shots with.

2. Make the shots easier. This is down to balancing too easy and too challenging, personal tastes. It doesn't mean make them less demanding. The shot I referenced in Level 14 (as an example, there were others) could have easily been solved by using a wooden ball. that way you weren't guaranteed failure for getting the shot slightly wrong, only the potential for failure increased the further you got from the perfect shot.

That being said, don't let this discourage you too much. It's still a good game with a lot of potential. I hope to see a sequel.


really fun game
stuck on level 12 as well though

It's a nice game, but impersonating Ninja Kiwi?

I love the game, and I feel that it deserves a ten, but you impersonating people make me want to give you a 0.

Great game

... but sometimes hard as hell.

the game is very thought provoking but frustrating at the same time... kinda like a good puzzler, because when you finally get it right, you are very happy. Though this game it is very easy to get stuck on a level, such as levels 12 and 14, which I needed to go a walkthrough for the help. Even then you need the "EXACT" launch angle and speed which make the game really really frustrating.

Because of the overall frustration level, I bring the score down to 9/10, but I will keep the vote to 5/5, due to it's wonderful concept.

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Apr 16, 2010
1:48 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other