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Ship parking 1.0

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You are given the command of the ship, your job is to bring it back to earth safe of those meteors.

1. Use LEFT / RIGHT key to adjust direction.
2. Use SPACE key to thrust forward.

Your comments are most welcomed and are my best reward, so please leave one.
Thank you.

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good game

this game is really good and impresive but heres some advice: try making the turns faster so its harder to aviod the astroids. The slow turns make the game a little boring. But overall good game.

danishx83 responds:

Thank you, advice noted.

Good concept

The game has a good concept, but being thrust to the beginning of the first level upon failing is a little rough.

A point system for time might also be good.
Maybe even a timer.

Well...it's a "functioning" game.....

The graphics are lackluster.
The music is nice but doesn't really fit and it doesn't loop smoothly.
There's no other sound.

The physics are clunky at best.
You don't have to actually touch a meteor to be accused of hitting it..just getting too close will PWN you.

Starting over from the beginning when you crash is unforgivable..especially given how clunky it is maneuvering around meteors.

You can't accelerate through turns....blows.

It's the same ship every time. Why are you always reparking the same ship?

There's no system for acomplishments of any kind...no timers, no goals, no score...so beyond just navigating the blocky maze, there's no point to anything you do. There's nothing to look forward to.

Getting the same "Good job! But we need you to get another one" message every time....completely unnecessary.

Some recomendations:
Change your music and make sure it loops more smoothly. A variety of music might be a step up. Throw in some sound effects.

Clean up your physics and for the love of GOD don't use the spacebar for controls. Too many keyboards have issues using the spacebar and anything else. When you turn...your ship should smoothly go into the turn...starting slowly at first and picking up it's rate..then perhaps slowing down and stopping as you let off the turning-thruster. You should also be able to have the main thruster going AS you turn....none of this coast nearly to a stop as you re-align your ship stuff.

You need more movement on the screen. The stars don't move or twinkle, the "meteors" don't move...the planet moves but it loops through the continents with no feeling that it's "turning"...and even that loops is choppy. You see everything twice then a completely blue planet while they come around again.

And having big blocks set out for EACH meteor isn't going to cut it. If you want to add any kind of ambience, you need it to be some kind of a meteor field. Smaller meteors that almost make up a cloud as they turn and move through and around each other. ...any why just meteors? Why not other things that mess with your ship? Solar flares..black holes..alienes...dust clouds...things that change how your ship moves as it goes through or past them.

Don't give up...but you've got a loooong way to go to make this one fun or worthwhile.

danishx83 responds:

Thanks alot man, I will certainly look in all these matters.

not even finished??

so besides the obvious HORRID hit detection, and having to restart alll the way from the beginning when destroyed, the game is not even finished...

You beat what I guess is the last level and your brought to a magical space screen that does absolutely nothing, as if it's not even finished. I also love how a meteor that looks like it couldn't possibly be close enough to crash into, is close enough.

2/10 for okay effort, but c'mon..you didn't even finish it, not to mention the complete lack of creativeness upon transitioning to the next level.

danishx83 responds:

Point taken

good job

this is a good game, it is verry challenging. the music is also good

danishx83 responds:

Thank you