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It's Not finished but is i suppose the First thing i have made that you could really call a game. any tips would be welcomed,but i have no real aim of finishing this, its more a Display of what i can do for school and to show off to freinds.

BTW the 2nd Level has a Very noticable hiding spot.

<edit> this is Really my first attempt at it, ive only recently worked out how to make the Char' animated in movement. it isn't ment to be a Masterpiece, but Thanks for the Reviews

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This was decent, i think from what i saw, the "GRAPHICS" were the best part of this whole flash so you do have that going for you, You should think about adding music and sound/fx that would really improve on things. This game seems fun but also just too "HARD" and difficult so you should also think about making the game easier for newcomers and such, just a thought so that its more fun for all, There are alot of things that could probably make this game better, i like the crazy man but he needs some downtime in order to give the player some sort of better chance at getting him or something, but other then that this was an ok game but does need more effort and more stuff to mess with, anyways good luck on your next project. But my advice to making this game better, is make it easier, make it more fun, and have more stuff in there to keep the player interested, anyways nice work. Andi really look forward to see what you come up with next.

You should think about adding music and sound/fx that would really improve on things. Make the game easier for everyone to enjoy.


it ain't that bad for a first game come on!!!


I loved it

Not good.

There's nothing wrong with the graphics, and that's direclty the only good point about this game. First off, i would add some music or sound effects. This would make the game more fun to play.

Second, this game is too difficult. You can't really see what to do, because the player has no clue where the angry man goes. What can you do about it? Make the angry man go slower for example. The hit detection of the fists is also too sensitive.

Third, you didn't really bother adding additional stuff in the game. Like special items, or a timer when the angry man gets tired. That last thing is nicer for the player. Having no clue when the angry man stops is a bit annoying.

Final verdict, this is just not a good game which needs some work. This way it's too difficult and boring.


Yeah, well, where should I begin...
Art had obviously not bothered you much. The only feature of the game that had enough detail were the Angry Fat Man's teeth. Having some sort of change in the emotional expression would also come a great way. For now, it's just a huge face floating in the air with a frozen face. Also, becoming a brain OR a inanimate dung beetle is just a tad beyond me. I guess it's for a humorous purpose...
The code wasn't as smooth as it should either. The menu is a bit confusing, has no indication that I should CLICK the three eerie objects on my left. Jumping is weird... it falls too slow and gets stuck in the floating blocks of earth.
Put greater effort in making a game next time. I see great potential and think that you could've done better...

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3.52 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2010
6:41 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop