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Supersonic Speeders

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Try to break the sound barrier as you race down heart pumping tracks at blistering speeds. Fast paced racing down 4 different endless tracks, lots of upgrades including 4 different racers, and 23 possible awards. Nearly unlimited speed as long as you can avoid colliding with the track sides or obstacles.

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Awesome SUPERSONIC effect!

This game is as awesome as a SUPERSONIC BOOM effect. but it wouldn't hurt to hear someone say "SUPERSONIC BOOM" when you break the speed barrier. All you need is a SUPERSONIC BOOM Trophey! Congratulations!

Great start at a game

This reminds me of playing some great PS1 games, i can see this getting big if some things are worked on, maybe collision detection and work on handling, making the game bigger wouoldn't go a miss either.

its a nice speed demon game

just a problem
you cant really tell how close to the walls are you and the controls are a bit tricky.
overall... nice game, and i loved the sonic boom when you reach mach 1 and how you stop hearing the engine and some other things

pretty nice game

my eyes are still a bit blurry though ;)
only too bad u cant get all the upgrades...


could be better