Territory Invaded

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Hi, this is Dan and welcome to the world of Territory Invaded.
I made a simple noob version of a tower defense game, so you can expect to see
lots of boring stuffs... I tried my best.

Click to control.
Build towers and upgrade them to kill bugs and creatures.
When 10 enemies have reached the Medic Center, the game will be over!

There is a boss on one of the waves, and you are not defeated!
It is the squid. it shoots out all those inks and blinds your screen! Don't turn it off lol.
I hope you enjoy the game!


= (

- graphics
- sound
- math
- timing
and you have to have 100gp to get a meteor tower but when purchased it only subtracted 1 gp from ur bank.

great game ^^

great game lolz cant belive ive completed it btw <3 u dan ^^ (xX_night_star_light_Xx)

needs help

-Spelling/grammar ( infos, golds etc.)
-Needs sound effects. it's not fun when your gun doesn't go bang.
-Show current amount of money all the time.
-Can't sell towers
-Needs a main menu button. When I won the game I had to quit entirely and reload the game to check out the other stuff in the main menu.
-I won the game and it said thanks for playing. After that it said start wave 29. (I did press the next wave button once so maybe that is where your problem lies.)
-I had 13 or 14 towers with no lag at all so that is good. it was kind of hard to tell how many there were because i could damn near stack them on top of each other. I am a fan of TD games so i hope you make another and improve upon this one. hope this review helps you.

gawddammit!!! :(

i click start but it wont start

i want to play it so bad.... damn!

Great Game!

This is a great tower game. I meant to review it over half an hour ago, but I was too involved in the game. Great Job!

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2.51 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2010
9:41 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense