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Remember Nibbles? that game in QBasic where you, the snake, had to eat all the numbers? Well now you can play it again! It has the same levels, and you can even play with two players in the same keyboard just like in the good all times.

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ahh..the memories...

Brings back some good memories. A little glitchy though. Can't say you get props for originality either, but i'm incredibly happy that you did this. I used to play this all the time back in the day.

My Review

Pretty good game. Although I can say I ever played the original, this one was interesting. Since this is your first game to Newgrounds, I'll give you kudos because most things that flow through the portal from first time game-makers need a lot of improvement.

Some things you need to improve on is the slowness of the game. That's what struck me first. It made the game a little repetitive at places, I just didn't want to eat the number. The beauty of a remake of a game is that YOU are the one remaking it, so you can skew the things you didn't like about the original.

The absence of music added to the repetitiveness to the game. I above all you just need to polish off some of the artwork. Although this game does need area for improvement I must say I did enjoy it and that you should be proud, this game is top notch for a beginners. Keep doing what you're doing.

Haven't seen this one in ages!

I applaud you for bringing this classic back to life. It looks, sounds and feels like god pld times. One thing that bothers me is that I used to play this game on a way slower computer (486) and getting the numbers on the edges was easier (it is very difficult to do it here). You have to press the keys almost at the same time to do a 180° turn (and that is playing on the easiest setting!)! Playing at expert or twidle fingers is practicly impossible.

That's why I give you 8/10. You should reduce the game speed a little or somehow make the speed autoadjust to the computer.


Man I remember this when I was 10! Couldn't you rename sammy?

I remember glitches too

It would be better, if not for the frequent glitches, like the sometimes unresponsive controls, random death hard turning. It's addicting, I like the menu because you get to choose most of the settings, but it needs some fixing. It's a nice try though.

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2.61 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2010
6:26 PM EDT
Skill - Collect