Space Junkie 2

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You are the commander of a space ship.
Use arrow keys to move, Collect all three keys to unlock the prize;
take it, but watch out for mines.

Good luck.....

1. Better background.
2. Movement smoother, and more controllable.
3. Does not die on getting close to mine rather than hitting it.
4. Mines are reduced in number but are more alive this time.

Your reviews will be my guide for improvement so please leave one.


One small thing

The game is kind of ok, one thing bothered: there is no friction in space. Your craft should remain at the same speed if there is no throttle input.

danishx83 responds:

In reality you need thrust in space to continue moving in a constant direction, how ever I am not much on the subject , more over the game had to have some friction.

Well done

Better than the other one. Fixing the enemies was good :3 and it was just as challenging. Sorry I haven't got as much to say on this one :3

danishx83 responds:

Thank you

Kinda Original, Pretty Cool =]

This is actually more fun than I thought it'd be, when I first saw it. Then again, I'm a fan of simple games.
Could have done with being a little less simple though. Until about stage 4, it's a walk in the park. Something more challenging, like a tracking mine or something, on some later levels. And spawn the keys in random locations, not just the corners.

But on the whole, it's a pretty good game, if I'm honest. I like it, but it just lacks playability and some graphics stuff. 3-7 for me. Keep up the good work, Danish!!

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danishx83 responds:

Thanks for a detailed view,
1. Graphics
2. Playability

I take the two points for any next game

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3.23 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2010
7:45 AM EDT
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