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Is the legendary City of Hetherdale real or only a fairy-tale made up by an 18th century madman? What dark mysteries does it hold? Find out as you play Dr. Heather Montrose, a young scholar destined to uncover the secrets of Hetherdale.

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Great effort, however, for my tastes, the game grew more difficult and weirder. I'm sorry, but the ending caused me to subtract 1.5 stars. I see it was a 5 star for many reviewers and I can understand that. Great flash adventure games have almost become an oxymoron. So don't be discouraged that your game didn't meet my preferences. Obviously, a massive amount of time and skill was poured into the making of this game.

i really like it it has awsome graphics i love thats its 3D

Just beat it today. Hope to see the second part.

My mind has officially been blown away. The story, the graphics, the length of gameplay... they were all phenomenal! It was graphic intensive, a bit choppy in parts, and the sheer amount of items found and carried sometimes made things a bit confusing. I did have to consult the walkthrough a few times, but for the most part, the puzzles were intuitive. OUTSTANDING! I can't wait to play the sequel!

I want to give this a perfect score...

...and I would, except for a few nagging things. The exposition through the dialogue was understandable, more so I think than Morningstar. The flow of the game benefits from this but I didn't really get a decent understanding of the characters themselves aside from what their jobs were. There was a nice creepy ambiance throughout the game as a result of the sound effects and music Some of the puzzles were a bit of a stretch, but those were few and far between. The ending was decent and set the story for the sequel, but I would have really liked a bit more resolution. Like I said, I'd give this a perfect score, but I think there are things that could have been improved upon. Who knows? Hopefully in the sequel, they will. Great game.