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A stealth action game. SNEAK, SHOOT and TELEPORT to get past your enemies and on to the next level.

This game is HARD! Playing too aggressively will get you killed, you need to use cover, teleport, and know when to run away. If you're stuck, check out the game guide & videos to see some tricks that make it easier!

Game guide: http://www.crazymonkeygames.com/guide/Creeping/
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoidCx9xi_Y

Controls (you can change them in the pause menu):
Move: WASD
Teleport: Move + SHIFT
Knife: F
Switch guns: E
Reload: R
Grenade: G
Pause: P
Aim & shoot with the mouse

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I really like the mechanics of this game.

i like the game nice mechanics

I love this, its one of the best flash games i have played.

3 stars because the boss is toohard

Here Are The Good And Bad Things:

You Can Use A Knife
Its Challenging
Good Sounds
You Can Teleport

You Cant Teleport Wide
When Youre Discovered,The Enemies Come Form Everywhere
Its not Stealthy Because You Have No Silencer
You Get Easily Killed
Enemies Can Hear You even If Youre Behind Them
You Cannot Sneak

Well Thats All.Overall,Great game.Please Make Those Bad Things Good Things.