Escape the Bathroom 3D 2

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This game is actually titled Escape the Bathroom Reloaded but the title was too long for Newgrounds to fit it.

Escape the Bathroom all over again! You must solve new riddles and find new items all over again! As you may have guessed, you must escape out of a bathroom. I highly recommend turning on audio for this game as this game makes heavy use of it.

You can access our GAME GUIDE by right clicking and hitting the link at the top. You can also click the GeekMontage banner in the game to bring it up as well or hit the link on the item interface. We have a written and recorded guide of how to beat the game.



Waste of time, bad graphics, cheesy puzzles.



I thought the atmosphere in this game was really well done and I at least managed to get further than I could with most of these games. I thought the music was good and it really set the tone well. The all around graphics are just nicely done. Here are some instructions for the game. First, go over to the toilet tank and get a paper clip. Then click twice on the paper towel dispenser to get to the empty roll inside.

Then combine it with the broken plunger next to the toilet to create a full plunger. Then click on the toilet and click on the key you find inside. Use the key to unlock the topmost door in the cupboard under the sink. Click on the picture above the kitchen sink and then check the cupboard again and that's as far as I got.

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While the graphic may have grossed me out more than a little, they were quite realistic. It's straightforward clues made it easy to finish, but not to the point of boredom. I like your originality with the controls down at the bottom, but I also have a problem with the in-game redirect. If you are going to have all the other pictures, mirrors, and posters on the wall be clues to the game, then I have a problem with the last wallhanging being a redirect. The vulgarity on the walls, although realistic (sadly enough) was bad enough that I'm relieved that this is rated teen.
Yeah, that's definitely one bathroom that you want to get out of...ASAP.

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4.31 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2010
2:50 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other