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Lightsaber Battles

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Author Comments

Ever wanted to use a lightsaber? Now you can play as your favorite action characters using lightsabers to battle it out in 3d rendered environments!

Fast-paced fighting action, a full story and versus mode, and gorgeous 3d graphics await you in Lightsaber Battles.

Animations done in 3dsmax, 3d models from free models on the web, game programmed + art rendered in about 6 days. Please comment! :)



What is The Guy Who Looks Like a Zombie in Level2

C'mon What is With That Weirdo or... is He Dead already

Not finished yet...

The enemy puts up an impenetrable defense and we get owned because there is no way to block. Seriously, tone down their blocking and give us our own block. Also, try to finish your next work before you post it. This one is nowhere near finished.

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charlesp2 responds:

I'll be adding a Block button tomorrow. ;) For now, try walking backwards to avoid the enemy's saber attacks :)

Something smells fishy here....

It's ok, I guess. You probably should have spent a bit more time working on this, there are plenty of problems that could have been worked out. And a few things are fishy.

Alright, I'll start with my cons:

1. No blocking. It's great and all that you can get off attacks quickly, but when it comes time to block, your opponent can, you can't. I find it a mark of laziness when you add blocking for the enemy, yet you don't include it for the player. As said in mansmart's review, it comes down to button mashing with no block, and I say that makes for a boring vs game.

2. Short story mode before redirecting. If you're going to make a game this short, it's better to put it all on one site, instead of getting about two or three minutes into it and being directed to another site just to finish it. I could understand directing them if it had certain features available only on that site, but half the game is not an option. Not to mention that in the description it says FULL story mode. I don't want to find that then not be able to finish the game here when I'm told that this has a full story mode. I can understand holding versus off until the story mode is finished, but only two battles before redirect a bit annoying.

3. Some of the buttons don't work. For instance, if I'm defeated, and I click that I don't want to try again, it doesn't work. I'm ether forced to fight through the game or to click out of it, it could be a simple mistake due to the quick development time, but it should be fixed. Another example, the exit button on the notice box when you get to the third battle. If you don't wish to go to the site, you expect the little box to exit out and take you back to the main menu or something. Instead it take you to your website. This is a major red flag to anyone who knows even a little bit about internet and computer security knows this is a major red flag. There are only two people who use this type of activity, one; a programmer who made a mistake I can understand if you had a little confusion on programing it, but I don't know. The second is a blackhat, or someone who's does cybercrimes, generally pertaining to malaware type things. If it's a simple mistake, fix it quickly or forever have your reputation tarnished. If this an actual malicious act, well, all the better I posted this. The last example, the g button doesn't fully work. You press it, it takes the force, but it doesn't do anything else. What's it supposed to do?

3. Lack of characters/reuse of characters. I can understand if you're a novice programmer, but I would think that adding a few extra characters wouldn't be hard after adding a few. I noticed that you used the yoda sprite twice, with similar names, and you put them as evil characters. There are plenty of star wars villains that you shouldn't have had to use good guys for bad, and to use them more than once I find sad.

4. Crude backgrounds. You find amazing sprites in which to use for characters, you have a decent combat system, but you drop the ball on the backgrounds. They look rather shoddy, with the sprites being 3d and the background being 2d. Do something about this if you can.


1. For such a short time span, there is a decent amount of detail. There could be more, but for the time span, what you have is actually rather impressive.

2. The combat system. While a ton of things could be added, or, like a block feature, need added or fixed, I'm rather impressed by your combat system. That you managed to make a decently running system in less than a week I find awesome. Add to it and fix it up a bit, you'll have a good system on your hands.

If this is a real game, and the site it leads to is real and not full of malware, it's a decent game, and deserves higher than what I gave, but the fishy things that were blatantly there prevent me from giving it that higher score. As said, fix those issue if you don't want your rep. to be tarnished.
I'd add more to this review, but I've run out of characters to use. 4/10 for the game now, 6/10 if you'd fix the above issues.

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charlesp2 responds:

Hi, thanks for your feedback, will fix most thinks you mentioned, as you are right.

About this being a legit game, it is, I dont know why people would think it's malware? Confuses me... I've worked hard on making this game...

Anyways, hope you enjoy! I'll be adding blocking button tomorrow. Good night for now.


It's a demo. It's not even a complete game, and it is full of glitches. I played it on the main site, but you can't unluck anything, because the game won't recognize that you won. Going beyond Evil Yoda is impossible. Even on the fansite. I can't stand when such obvious things hinder play and they are not taken care of BEFORE submission. Not to mention the game play sucks

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Credits & Info

2.48 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2010
8:13 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS