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Supply/Demand Millionaire

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This game is something I made for social studies class. It is a who wants to be a millionaire style game and asks a total of 9 questions.

Note that all the questions in this game are referring to inventory. In these questions, if demand goes up, the seller is not buying anymore products to supply.

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Yo A.Z

lol........... waiting for it to do the next question was a bit........... long..... you might wanna cut the music length just a bit so we don't have to wait until the music ends..... Nice buttons though ..... :)

Good game, bad wait times

I like the concept of it (even though it is basically the Millionaire game, even the music), but the wait time between questions makes me rub my eyes and take a nap. Just make it shorter. Also, you need to re-word the $10,000 and $50,000 questions.

For example, the $10,000 question asks "When supply goes down, what happens to the demand and price?" Now, due solely to the supply going down, the price would increase since there is less product, but the demand would not be affected directly by the supply change. The demand would only be affected by the price change, and it would be a gradual change, not instant like the price change. The same concept applies to the next question, respectfully switchign around the supply, demand and price.

I just think those questions are slightly off in their wording, unless we are assuming a scenario of "what would happen to price, and then what would happen to demand?" Just some things to think about.

good but short

when i was on 10000$ it made me do it twice not a big deal but just pointing it out

Easy, not bad.

You could have made the questions a little harder. but otherwise, it's pretty good.

Lots of ideas

FIrst like everyone else the waiting between each question was very annoying. Also the questions are very easy. Only one answer makes sense and all the rest sound so stupid (no offensive) that it makes it very easy to pick the right one. Then my last suggestion is maybe improved graphics :P hope this helps!

Credits & Info

3.31 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2010
6:44 PM EDT

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