The Sea Wolves

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UP, DOWN - move forward / backward, A - fire (left board), S - fire (right board). Buy provisions, life points or upgrade your ship from the docks.

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Clumsy, yet there is potential

THe controls are sluggish and slow.
Firing is confusing between wich side is wich,
we should be able to upgrade between levels
we should be abe to board ennemy ships to steal provisions
THere is no ennemy AI to speak of. THey just sit around. Some should hunt us down (or at least try), others could patrol from A to B.
We coul dhave an upgrade that shows ennemies on the minimap when we are close enough.
Often black turrets bug a bit and appear for a frame in the middle of the screen, and they can track us instantly too.. cant flank them.

Its a good fundation for a good game, but it needs more work to be fun and smoother to play.

krasimir responds:

You can upgrade your ship. There are harburs on the islands for that. Also to buy life and provisions. There are also ships that follow you when you are in their range. I guess you didn't play enough to reach such kind of level. Anyway thanks for the comment and the ideas.


Good idea but the controls are uncomfortable...

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4.42 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2010
5:02 AM EDT
Adventure - Other