Pirate Adventure Game

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Yeah, I got a 29/30 on this thing, so it must be alright! :D

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It was a good adventure but I got a game over from being rainbowed. I don't think Tumblr approves

This is the beginning of your adventure towards development. While I cant in all fairness say this game is good it does function. There are tiny little things that can urk some people. For instance some of the symbols you have in the game are buttons which they shouldnt be.

Like everyone else is saying. Practice makes perfect. I started just like you. Go to my profile and check out dot adventure. Make sure you keep at this. Make your games bigger and better then before. Hell go for a sequel!

Best of luck! (apologies for the not-so-great grammar. My comma button is broken)

Your my Heroin, now get in my blood stream.

the graphics were not impressive , then again its hard to draw when your smashed of your rocks on cocaine, and the hooker tends to get in the way when giving a double ender while typing. Having said that, I thought it was creative and funny. It may not survive the night but dammit you won my vote. Seriously though when are we gonna get those hookers and cocaine

no really ,,when?



This 'game' (I don't like to use the word 'game', I would prefer to use the term 'masterpiece') has changed my outlook on life. Before 'Pirate Adventure Game' I was blind. Blinded by youth and inexperience, I was niave. This brilliant piece of art changed all that.

For you to understand the extent that this masterpiece changed my life I will have to fill you in on some of my backstory. I have led a troubled life. My childhood was cut short at the tender age of 9 when my father came home, drunk as usual, and raped me. When I was 14 I got caught up in some horrific acts of violence and was forced to traffic drugs out of Thailand for some of my dad's loan sharks. At 18 I raped my 12 year old sister. I am not proud of my life thus far but you must understand, I have tried to change my ways. I joined a help centre for criminals to try on get me back to a somewhat normal life. The centre kicked me out for abusing the other patients. I spiraled into depression at this point. This was a time of my life that I would like to forget, but I cannot. Every night the crimes I commited during this phase of my life haunt me. Then, one day I arrived home and played this masterpiece. It put my life into perspective and showed me that lives can change, for the better. I joined another help centre and have started to turn my life around.

I owe this all to you, BlackDS. You have changed my life and for this, I an eternally grateful. 10 stars.

BlackDS responds:

no prob dude


Funny game overall, but poor animation and story.

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4.38 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2010
4:44 PM EDT
Adventure - Other