Extreme Crossword 2

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So i took all the comments I recieved from the original extreme crossword game and now here it is. Extreme crossword 2! Better than ever and ready to be played


Great game - very easy word game. I like it!

Instruction for crossword puzzles?

If idiots cant play this simple game they shouldn't be here

Major peice missing

Instructions. They're needed.

Most importantly, tell people that you can make words OTHER than the ones on the bonus list. Those words just give extra points, and are usually nicely laid out for you.

While it's good, it's also not

This is a decent game. With that said there are problems. Here are some suggestions:
1) Timer. Timer. Timer. Maybe put on in there, keeps people on edge.
2) Restart button. I've been down to three words, and no way to achieve them. Kinda annoying
3) Hint button: Hey sometimes we just need a hint.
4) Make the letters morph into other letters, or jump from place to place.

The biggest problem I have with this game is the fact that while yes these letters do move and they do fall like Tetris pieces, but if you can't make a word your screwed. You have to reload the page, there's no start/stop to this game.

Like I said decent game, but needs tweeking

alexpof responds:

Thanks for the feeback!

1. There is a timer in the timed mode but not the Arcade mode. It just depends what mode you are playing.
2. I do agree that a menu button or restart button would be nice
3. maybe, but you can find more words than what is on the list. ANY word you find you can use.
4. Not quite sure what you mean there.

Maybe you didn't know that you could find other words than the ones on the list. I have played this game countless times during testing and i never ran into a situation where i couldn't find 10 words in one round. Even a word like "in" counts.

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3.45 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2010
10:54 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other