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i'll really appreciate your insult.....

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This is a good game

I am sorry if you think my review is an insult.

I think it was a good game. It is a good adaption of that game.. astroids, I think it was called.

I think the yellow ones looked like cheese lol

But seriously, I think that you did a good job. The only thing I would do to improve the game would be to discribe what the upgrades did in the upgrade screen. Like maybe in that empty spot on the left side, or maybe a little pop-up.

Without people making games... there would be no games... so Thank you for your time and effort that you put into this game.


It was ok but it needs some key factors to be a good game.
Firstly, iy would be nice to be able to change the background, on offence but the current one is un-likeable.
After that a changable ship design, different disigns and maybe if you are advanced different atributes (speed, power and health?)
And the area, its a bit small so it would be hard to manuver your ship without crashing, so a large stage or smaller ship might be nice.
The wrap around was nice but unperdictable, like if you are sstanding at the edge you never know when a stone will wrap around and hit you in the back. If you keep the wrap around, and I suggest you do. Than try and make it so your bullets wrap around too.
The Shop and money: Well its a bit hard to collect the money so why not make the money bundles contain a little more money, and if not have the shop prices drop a little bit.
Levels: Well there are only 4 and it might be nice to have a few more. And if you want your game to be a contest of who can get to the highest level than why not tring to randomize the stones and the levels keep increasing.
Well thats all I can think of sorry if it took a lot of work and this comment is beating you down but it just needs a little more work.

PM me if you send out a new version,

P.S. I suggest you change the author comments section so that it's a little nicer and not so down.

Not very original.

Just another asteroids rip-off. That being said though, it's probably one of the better executed ones. It's more complex and better styled than a lot of others, so well done on that front. However, that doesn't change the fact that this type of game is ten-a-penny.

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3.00 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2010
10:11 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight