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Space Doodles

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Author Comments

Wanted to make a game using funky hand-drawn graphics, and have always loved games like Galaga and Space invaders, so this is what I came up with. Its my first flash game, your comments will definitely be taken into consideration for future games!

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ok, needs work


1. Graphics
2. Powerups
3. Layout of elements
4. Enemies


1. No sound or music
2. With no other ways of firing the gun, eventually the player's mouse hand is going to get too tired to keep playing/carpal tunnel
3. Too hard- I would prefer a game with levels and an ending
4. Some distracting moving elements on the game screen make it hard to tell if it's enemy fire or just benign background graphics

integralStudios responds:

Sounds are definitely something I'd like to add. Alternate controls sound like something people would like to see also, going to definitely consider it.

I was torn on having more structured levels with an ending, but decided to go with the never-ending levels approach because I thought the game would end up with a better replay value, also, to be honest I just didn't think I'd end up putting enough levels together to keep the game interesting. Perhaps I will update the game in the future with two different modes, a story mode and an arcade mode or something.

not bad

like the sketch like graphics, over all a pretty good game to play to kill some time.

integralStudios responds:

Thanks for you comments!

shoot shoot shoot and things blow up

boring shmup, nothing new there

looks like it is drawn on a piece of graph paper; nothing new there either

gameplay is subpar from the average shmup, the gimmick has been done before and you didnt even do it particularly well

integralStudios responds:

Thank you for your input, but perhaps some specific problems you have with the actual gameplay would be more helpful.

Great potential.

Great effort and original design. Music and sound effects would make this game even better. Using the mouse to control moving AND shooting was a tad bit awkward for me, personally. A few more different kinds power-ups here and there wouldn't hurt. Overall, I really enjoyed it.

integralStudios responds:

Thanks for the comments. Definitely considering adding sound for an update.Thank you again!

Good game

Kind of a fun game even without music and sound affects but if it had these this game would be even more fun, that is if you add the right sounds and the right music.

Also the marks on the paper makes it look like your not moving any where even if you see things coming at you witch felt a little odd.

The things a like about this game is that it gets harder as you go and the fact you get an extra life when you get 5000 pts witch seems to be forgotten in most games played now. Any ways i will give this game a 4/5.

Credits & Info

4.09 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2010
10:53 PM EDT

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