Sims 3 Dress-up Game

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I made this Dress-up using Sims 3, the clothes WEREN'T made by me, I got them from various artists, you can find the clothes at http://thesimsresource.co m/ and http://mysims3blog.blogsp ot.com/, if you are one of them, and would like me to put a link directed to the clothes, please tell me, thankx sz


THE SIMS WHERE FEMALE???????????????????????????????

Nothing New or Interesting

NG has a lot of dress up games. So you need to make it pretty original to be a good dress up game, and need to add a lot more to be a great dress up game. This one was neither original nor did it have any added features. It was just dressing up a sim pulled from outfits that you didn't even make yourself.
Still, the content it did have wasn't poorly done... and there were a few options for clothing. I also like the sims and like dress up games, so that's why I'm giving it 4 stars.

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My little doll!

hes cute! lol
hes my little Doll.

but everyones right, not to original...but you tried!

I wanna play Sims now!

(I'll go ahead and be a nice little girl...you'll know what I'm talking about ^.~)

Kinda pointless.

I think you should try making something more original. We have enough dress-up games. And those skins and clothes makes him look like a queer.

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Nah, didn't like it

No originality at all, no movement, no sound, the bloody clothes weren't even yours and not even a title. Obviously very little effort put in.

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Apr 4, 2010
10:22 AM EDT
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