Infinite Scroller

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Here's a quick & small skill game. Basically all you have to do here is survive and stay on the play area as long as you can by avoiding the top of the screen and trying to reach the bottom. Collect bonus items for more speed and other assets. How long can you survive out there? ;)

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Working fine, but with out music and something more to keep my mind, it's half decent.


Many ppl left feedback for ya and so shall I =P

1)Needs music, Trance like music with wont get boring so soon, i suggest {Runaway} and some colour too

2) I noticed that when i get to a ledge, fall down and press the ball to the ledge it will kinda stick to it, slowing it down

3) And the Powerups should be there when the bar is right on the screen and not when there are like 3-4 bars under it

Nice game tho, i really like it :P

Nice and casual

Same as others have said, a jump ability would have been nice, maybe a little music and color scheme changes. The one thing that bothered me was the speed boost. "More speed" wasn't very descriptive, considering the actual effect. The speed of the ball didn't go up very much, if at all. I'm not sure if it increased the rising speed, but if it did, then it isn't as much of a power-up as one would assume. This would make a jump ability much more desirable. Most of the time, power-ups were placed in ways that were either inevitable, impossible, or implausible to reach.

In short, make a jump button.

I dunno why..

But i always liked this kinda game.. Really love it, specially because it put's me under pressure when i'm getting really close to the top... XD love it

Brilliant in its simplicity. Can't wait for v2!

I have to admit, I was rather skeptical of something with the word "infinite" in it. But I LOVE it.

My comments (some of which will echo those that came before; sorry for any overlap):

1) Just a little bit of variety would help. A background that changes color as you go "down" -- or floors that are different colors. After a while, the b&w color scheme gets a little hard on the eyes.

2) It DOES get a little repetitive. I stopped at 1,000 because there wasn't anything compelling enough to keep me going. Any number of things could change that for the better: the possibility of multiple lives, with the speed ever increasing (which increases the likelihood of dying which makes the multiple lives necessary); different levels -- which means there's a goal to each one (x number of floors, or a power-up to grab that only comes up every so often -- if you miss it you need to go through x floors again before it comes up again); etc.

3) The power-ups/bonus items are difficult to differentiate, and sometimes impossible to reach. Again, some color here or shape/size change would help. Oh, and a short jump ability to reach those on the wrong side of the hole (but maybe that would be overcomplicating things).

BUT -- don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it should be some fancy light-flashing-├╝ber-graphics-heavy game -- just that the addition of a little (muted, even) color could go a long way. As I say, I'm really looking forward to the next version!

mjkgames responds:

Great to hear you liked it. :) There will definitely be a v2 with small improvements based on the feedback people have been giving here.

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3.18 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2010
5:44 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid