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Parking Evolution

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My first flash game it´s been hard for me to learn as3, but i think it worths. I´m sure you´ll enyoy this game. Thanks for playing.


I appreciat that this is your first game, however:

There are no sound effects to speak of (e.g. driving noises or brakes) and you can't build up momentum or come to a slow stop, as would happen in real life. The guidelines for failing a level are also inconsistent, as you seem to be able to go over the corners of the level boundaries just fine. In the menu, you can select "options" which bring up instructions instead and the graphics are terrible at best, looking like they've been drawn in ms paint.

I do, however, like the fact that you can play in Spanish.

elfranchu responds:

You are right all graphics have been made using paint and a bit of gimp.

not too bad

Could be better the music is as annoying as sarah palin

elfranchu responds:

Music is a loop of 2 seconds, i use freehostia free hosting for my game page and i have alimit of 500k for the game so i use a small mp3 looping.

since its the first ill go easy on you

well at the beginning of every game you have to click so the car can begin to move and that can be a bit annoying.
when you stop pressing up or down the car immediately stops and physically that not right.
keep practicing

elfranchu responds:

I´ll try to improve it in next versions


there are a few issues but its good.
improve the graphics and also change the physics engine to have momentum and a gradual stop if no buttons are pressed

good to have music but maybe change the track and add some sound FX
good job tho!

elfranchu responds:

Thank you very much to you and to those one who help me to find my errors.

An okay game

The game is okay. The controls are a bit stiff and you make it too hard by having to perfecting park the car straight. Also you jump the difficulty bar a little bit too fast. By level 3 not many people will be able to even pass that level. The song really got on my nerves also. It basically loops the same annoying 5 second song over and over and over and over next time try to use a song that's longer then 5 seconds. I also have my doubts this is your game since it is credited to Francisco J.M.S and no where on your profile does it say that your name is Francisco J.M.S.

elfranchu responds:

As i said really thanks to everyone I am Francisco José Menéndez and i asure you its my game.

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2.56 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2010
12:02 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other