Colorbot 2

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For Colorbot 2 I read all the reviews on Colorbot 1 and improved everything! There's more game modes, an option for colorblind people, different enemies, power-ups and more! Enjoy!

Kenney Vleugels



Colorbot 2

A game.


It's so much mo addicting than the first one! I suggest you replace the red X with a star, though. It's kind of hard to see, which is still a disadvantage for the color blind. Not that you should change it now, but just in case you're planning on making a third one (which I'm planning on looking forward to.)

Now that there's a version for color blind people, there should be a version for completely blind people like me. In fact, I don't even know what I'm typing, nor do I know what website I'm on. Now I shall randomly click until I press some sort of "submit review" button.

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Kenney responds:

oh u, now when I make Colorbot 3 I'd really have to add a blind mode, THANKS ALOT! Haha, thanks for the review man :)

Almost Awesome

This is an great game. The gameplay and music is cool.

There are some glitches which I have encountered while playing this. In time trial mode, right when I started I got a game over at 0 seconds. After that happened, I decided to try time trial mode again, but then no monsters or whatever they are were spawning.

This game would have been awesome if there are no glitches, therefore I gave it an 8/10


This is very good. I haven't really played the first one, but this make want to play the first one. Nice Game (:

pretty cool

You can click and drag your cursor out of the screen. I suggest you do something like, if cursor._x is less than or greater than the stage height and width.. other than that good game. Very visually stimulating, and nice effects for all the bonus items.

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3.77 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2010
10:33 AM EDT
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