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Hey guys! I started this project about a year ago in order to learn ActionScript 3, self teach ftw.

There's 13 campaign missions, 9 weapons, over 30 enemies, and 4 minigames.

I did all the animation / music / programming, what do you think? All reviews will be read and are greatly appreciated :)

Controls (customize these in the options):
Aim: Mouse
Fire: Left mouse button
Move: WASD
Throw Grenade: Spacebar
Switch Gun: Q
Switch Grenade: E
Pause Game: P
Weapon Hotkeys: 0-9

Remember you can set the quality to low if its laggy! (right click menu)

Sticky movement glitch
Cause: Accidentally clicked outside of flashplayer while walking
Fix: Click back inside game and press then release direction you're stuck walking in

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If this is your first Flash project and it's all self-study, then I should say it's pretty good. But there are some things I didn't like, especially with getting new weapons and ammo: I only get a fixed amount of credit for completing a mission, so upgrades are limited (unless maybe I go through it again, but this isn't interesting:) and I certainly don't feel like buying a limited amount of ammo for a mission I haven't seen yet, I'd prefer upgrading. But then I don't find enough ammo during the mission so it's mostly the auto-gun...
BTW, there's a bug with the upgrades, they deduce much less from your current money than their cost says :)
Personally I didn't like the mini-games at all but oh well.
The fact that there are several different enemies and weapons with upgrades, and the ability to throw grenades easily (oh how I miss that in so many games!) are both great. Access to more ammunition for weapons other than the auto-gun would make this game real nice :)

A few bugs

A good game in overall, but I found a few bugs:
- In a mission I didn't kill 2 knife-throwing skelotons, so they went offscrean. They remained there and whener I got in the upper third of the screen they threw their knives at me from offscrean!
The enemies either shouldn't be able to get offscrean at all (so they would follow as the screan scrolls), or should disappear if scrolled away.
- You can buy ammo for the default weapon, the autogun (and fo a pretty expensive price!). Not as if anyone would do that, but if someone accidentally clicks there he will lose a bunch of money for nothing!

good game

I pretty much enjoyed playing this game, but there are a few things I didn't like.
- The music, especially in the menu gets annoying after a short while and there is no way to turn it off!
- I don't like the menu itself: there are too many submenus one has to navigate trough, and they look identycal so I often confused one with the main menu.
- While original, it's a bad idea haveing the play area getting colored red instead of the usual health bar. Especially becouse when I upgrade the forcefield I can get some damage before the area starts becomeing red so I don't know my total health status.
- Ammo for the weapons is expensive, so unless one got everything upgraded it's a very bad idea to buy ammunition.
- In the zombie minigame I have the same problem as dopeslax: the zombies only get "nearly killed". I couldn't nearly kill 1000 zombies yet so I thought scoreing 1000 is enough, but if just nearly killing them is not enough then I don't know what should I do. They even seem to loose their heads after a while but that doesn't seems to affect them!

Pretty damn perfect - almost

I have a query - in the zombie minigame, none of the zombies will die. They'll take bullet after bullet and occasionally fall over, but apart from that, they keep coming. Am I missing a specific technique or weapon to use to kill them?
Because when they finally catch me up and chomp my brains to death, it says "congratualtions, you almost killed 1500 zombies". Almost. Almost! What frustrated me more was that even _almost_ killing over 1500 zombies didn't unlock the "lay 1000 zombies to rest" hack.

Any pointers?

Broken for me

The game is awesome. I could see dropping 5-6 hours on this game. Tons of gameplay with the hacks, minigames, and highscores on everything. I just wish I could play it :/

The keyboard lock-up thing, where your character gets stuck moving in one direction, utterly broke it for me. Each level wasn't a fight against enemies, or a display of skill, instead it was a fight against when and where I was going to lock-up, and whether or not I could get out of it in time. Nightmare mode became impossible because of this, and boss fights could end abruptly and randomly.

If it weren't for the lock-up thing, this would be one of the best games I've played in a long time. And even with that terrible frustration, it was still pretty damn fun.