The Epic Rangers

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Real time strategy game with isometric graphics. Plan and build your army to win back towns acquired by enemies by destroying their buildings and killing their units.
The Epic Rangers is all about strategizing and using the available resources in best possible manner. In different towns you will be given limited archers to start with. You can appoint more archers by spending gold which you earn by killing enemy archers.
Don't forget to use blacksmith to increase your attack and armor. Upgrades are retained when you move to the next town but your archer units are not retained.
The catch to winning towns is that you must destroy the enemy castle from where enemy pumps out its units.

Kill enemy castle and all units to capture town.
Use Z to attack, WASD/Arrow Keys/Mouse to move, Spacebar to select units.
Make more units in castle, upgrade units in blacksmith, scroll through map faster in map tracker.

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It was ok

I just wish you didn't have the player constantly have to press a button or click the unit to attack it over and over again. A nice lock on system would have been nice so that one click of the enemy and your units attack them over and over till they are dead. Lack of units and lack of upgrades brought the score down lower than i would have scored it. I actually agree with chris912 to a point. But i couldn't get over having no lock on system.

coffingames responds:

This was my first big standalone project. It was difficult to figure out everything on my own at that time. Towards the end when it came to deciding many things in gameplay, 2.5 months were already over and I just finished it fast and launched it. It can definitely be improved a lot.


This game ROX!! I am a hardcore gamer and have played tonnes of flash games but I would say this is the first "real" game I have played in many months. Some things lack like more units etc and better gameplay balancing... but still everything else is so perfectly done!!
I just kept pressing "Z" and used armor and attack upgrades and won all levels...
It makes me remember Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors, one of my favs...
Graphics are 10/10, gameplay is actually 8 or 9/10 but for such an awesome and different work this game deserves 10/10.
If this game had more units and more balanced gameplay, we would have got flash ported version of Age of Empires 2.. which no one has dared to make yet coz of limitations of flash I guess and browser... But maker of this game has proven its not impossible!! I am a fan now! Hats off to coffingames.


ha mnid the oun but the game is epic

mouse scroll = game killer

This is a game that has potential, but the way that the game scrolls with the mouse when you go to select an upgrade or something makes it difficult.

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2010
2:10 PM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)