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Night of the Cursed

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Author Comments

-- Update 6th April 2010 --
Thank you to everybody who left feedback on this game. In response to the general message coming across in the reviews, I have implemented a 'hard' mode. This mode has it's own scoreboard, and makes the game a lot more balanced.

Please note that whilst this game does offer extra content through GamerSafe, I have tried very hard to include a huge selection of weapons, traps and upgrades without the need to use GamerSafe. I realise that not everybody is in a position to pay for items, but by adding additional content I am allowing people to expand the game if they want to.

Night of the Cursed is a fast paced top-down zombie shooter. Survive through the night in Story mode, fighting off wave after wave of the undead.

Story mode allows you to fight co-operativley (with AI) against an ever-increasing flow of Zombies. After each wave is complete, you can purchase from a choice of 25 unique weapons, buy upgrades for your weapons, and place traps in the arena to hinder the zombie's progress.

GamerSafe scoreboards, achievements and microtransactions are used to further increase the immersion.

The game also has a Survival mode, where players begin with a set amount of money, and their aim is to survive for as long as possible against a never-ending chain of zombies. This is a highly comptetitive mode with it's own scoreboard.

Features include professional artwork, voice-acted characters and a completely custom music score.

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Has a nice atmosphere

I thought this was a kind of mediocre game. The good parts about it was that it was a bit hard to focus on the gun correctly. I could not even understand the exact place where I should be hitting those zombies. I think it's around the head for one shot kills. I recommend you putting some better design up for the zombies, because they don't seem to move that fluidly. The colors for the most part are good, but some of them seem a bit too flashy.

I find it funny how my partner keeps getting hurt all the time while I'm just fine. The atmosphere created is pretty good, especially with the music. The designs for the main characters aren't bad. I think another weakness was that you should have put in more room for the characters to go around. I guess I'm just not used to zombie shooting games where you don't go and explore.

Good Game

but it is too easy!
and to buy these special weapons for this GamerGold is bullshit!
To less Weapons, Locations (lol, only 1), ugrades, traps...

Designer must me retarded

The person who made this game must be retared the SCAR is the most famous assualt rifle? Glock 29FS? Wtf? m54a1 or some fucking bullshit

Good game

It needs to have more stuff added like a harder difficulty i saved up for two fights and got a assult rifle without trouble and it was easy pickings there they only came though one door way and the gamer gold made me angry i was exited when i saw the sentry gun i thought i was gonna have a super fortress set up but the gamer gold ruined it all
and it'd be cool if we could go to other buildings and stairs and other defenses even if you bought gamer gold you'd still only have 8 traps not so fun
Thank you for reading

sweet game but

i think kr4k3n is 100% right on with his review

Credits & Info

2.75 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2010
5:48 AM EDT