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No Turning Back

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Author Comments

Hello Newgrounds people.

I worked a while on this game, and it is my first game with an ad on it, so maybe i can make some MONEY$!

Thanks for viewing my game in the first place, and I want you to Enjoy my game.

Also, if you see any major glitches (because I know the minor ones) then please tell me. And I am up for suggestions for the game.

Again, thank you for viewing my game, But most importantly...


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Pretty cool graphics as well as a nice gameplay gimmick of "no going back" but It would be nice if you could skip the death animations.

Quick Death, Please

Since you die alot in the game, the dying and respawning must be fast. Maybe if you added a "skip-animation-and-restart-level-com mand". Apart from that, an Ok game wich could evolve to a great game with a little better controls (and more lvls ofcourse). Maybe you should have then remaining time displayed as well.


It wasn't too bad. The main problem with the game wasn't anything about the functioning, but the design.

Trial and error (having to continually guess which path was safe), coupled with long respawn time (because you have to wait for the death animation and the "you died" words), plus the need to switch from keyboard to mouse and back again (to click the level), equals very frustrated player. In fact, the trial-and-error part of the game wouldn't be so bad if the respawn time was faster.

I know that "this was just a test", but just try to keep it in mind for next time. You can fix the above by:

(just some ideas)
-Expanding the view; allow the player to see where each path leads, or at least more of each path.
-Get rid of the death animation, or put a death animation in the level and just respawn at the beginning. You might allow a certain key take the player back to the level select screen.
-Allow the player to choose levels using the keyboard. Most people don't like having to constantly move their hands from the keyboard to the mouse because it breaks the illusion of being in the game.

Good luck!

4/10 2/5


I die to much in this game, takes away from the fun.

Ok game

First off on level 5 the big pit at the start you can jump off and miss the plantfourm your trying to jump on and hit the wall and telport back ontop of the plantfourm you missed. Also the game seems to be mostly on luck seeing as you have to guess witch way is thr right way most of the time. besides that it a ok game so it get a 3 out of 5 from me.

candyapplezero responds:

yeah, i kind of saw that glitch... just a bug with the code I used. Thx for the input everybody, My next game will be 100 times better. This was just a test.

Credits & Info

3.22 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2010
6:59 PM EDT