DBZ vs. Axis 2

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This is the flash made to illustrate just how ridiculous DBZ is and shows what would really happen if a DBZ character tried to fuck with the german military.

The name Senor Ding Dong is the creator of this flash but i helped to plan it and have his consent on submitting it under my name. The character names used in this flash were taken from forum members where this dispute originated and this flash was created along with a sequel to illustrate and disprove their theories on the "power" of a dbz character.


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I think my submission is more entertaining, and i've never even made one. Maybe if you did more than motion tweening and jumbling around sprites then people wouldn't think of you as a mockery. Just some advice guy.


And to think, I thought I would never find a worse movie than 'Vote Five or Die'. I found it. For one thing, this movie has nothing to do with DBZ and Nazis, apart from the fact that it contains images from both. Secondly, DBZ characters don't catch on fire, dude. Sound? Apart from loud, screechy noises and the like, there was none. Animation? a few stills, and an aircraft moving across the screen, which is far below the cabilities of Flash. All this is is some hate movie, and we get enough of those concerning the Clock Crew, but at least some of those are good.


Where do i begin ?

first of all, you have no business creating this, you obviously have no idea what dragonball is. And, in movie #12, goten and trunks did take on the german military, and owned them. there is nothing right with your video at all, just retarded things. any dragonball fan will frown at you for making this crappy movie.

dood, why do you have a mortal kombat song......

for a dbz ish mocie, it was stupid for one though, anyways yeah.... sprites sucked,.,., wehn it hit the plane, you could make the story better cause Gohan doesn't die!

I hate movies like this

blah blah blah.. i watched it for 3 minutes and x'd it cause it was just 2 boring to c

LocDogTHM responds:

That is because you have the attention span of a lima bean.

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May 31, 2002
4:52 PM EDT
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