Dinx-School Spirit

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Dinx-School Spirit School trophy has been stolen. Go to the school and see what you can find.

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It was a great game, but the movement could use some work. The clue for the safe involving solving math problems had an incorrect problem as well. The symbol on the board does not signify square roots, it signifies division. The answer involves square roots though, making the clue useless. I wouldn't have gotten it if I didn't try all the numbers for the last slot until the drawer opened

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As much as I enjoyed this game... there are some issues with the arrows and movement, but once you figure out where to click its all good. The clue in the math class drove me crazy, because it is wrong!! The last symbol is for long division (81/2 = 40.5), but the answer for the drawer is the square root of 81-- which is 9. Other than that the game is fun, interesting, and fairly straightforward. Oh and the clocks were a great distraction... I really thought they were a clue for something:)

I loved it

It's like, the first game I have played without using a walkthrough, and I THINK I'm pretty close to the end. I love that you can save your game and stuff, and yeah, once you know where to look for the arrows, they're easy to find. And the same glitch as the magnifying glass happens again with the screwdriver.

Was okay

And contrary to previous reviews, you don't have to hunt so much for the arrows, once you're smart enough to understand that they are located in the middle bottom of screen and on the door handles.

Also, slight glitch in the grammar room. Once you pick the magnifying glass again, you can pick it up as much as you want, up to filling your inventory

Moving is difficult

Moving really is difficult, I'd suggest that you could go from room to room just by clicking the door instead of the pixel hunt that there is

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3.64 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2010
10:23 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click